Wednesday, 10 October 2007

AT&T Mobility acquires Aloha’s 700 MHz spectrum for $2.5B - RCR Wireless News

AT&T, which said it remains committed to using Qualcomm Inc.’s MediaFLO network for multimedia wireless broadcasts, said the deal gives it 12 megahertz of spectrum covering 196 million people in 281 markets. AT&T Mobility said the deal is expected to close in the next six to nine months.

Monday, 8 October 2007

Pressure on Radio Spectrum Sharing Will Lead to Greater Deployment of Dynamic Spectrum Access Technologies | Press Release | ABI Research

“Spectrum, especially in the UHF band, is attractive to mobile operators for mobile TV, voice and high-speed data services,” says ABI Research analyst Ian Cox. “It is also used by terrestrial TV broadcasters, the military, and security services, and they all want more of it. Regulators, over the years, have boxed themselves into a corner by allocating it exclusively for individual applications. This can now begin to change as software radio emerges and spectrum sharing becomes feasible.”